A new season at The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village

A New Season At The Somerset Lifestyle And Retirement Village

A new season at The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village

I have sold my home and moved to Somerset West.

In a world where we live longer, with more transitions, we need to reimagine a life that is filled with new experiences to help us make wise financial and life decisions.

This move is about experimenting, working longer and learning more about the industry I work in. The over 50 market is changing and we should all be pioneering a new path.

My move is not about scaling down. It is about an opportunity to work, earn, build 50Plus-Skills and have an adventure. I am privileged to have the opportunity to do this in the beautiful lifestyle estate called The Somerset.

Any move is up there with some of the most stressful things to do. Doing that in a “Covid” year has been challenging and I certainly do not have the same energy I had at 50 when I moved to The Coves. Here are some of the lessons I learnt that could be helpful for anyone making a move later in life.

I always advocate that one should rent for at least a year in a new place to ensure that a move away from what you know is something you want to do.

Moving is an expensive process. Make sure you have the funds to pay for all the hidden extras that pop up like 4 months levies in advance, the removal company, transport of vehicle as well as extras like curtains and pieces of furniture that are needed.

Moving away from family, friends and your community is difficult. My children are both living globally and I have a number of long-term close friends in the Cape. I also hope that my family and friends will use this opportunity to visit me here and enjoy the wonderful Cape.

My portfolio life includes a number of projects and over the past 8 months these have all been done remotely. This meant that once I had unpacked and set up my computer, I slotted back into work immediately. I have not lost any contracts by moving here and have added one already and hope to build and engage more as time goes by.

The most important factor is internal peace, joy and happiness. I loved my life where I was and I will love my life where I am. It is about being content and at peace with oneself. We take ourselves with us wherever we go. Make sure you do the deep inner work. It takes time, but is worth the time.

A new season. Definitely not “retirement” I don’t use that word. I continue to REFIRE through challenging my comfort zone, learning new skills, living a life filled with passion and purpose.

Author: Lynda Smith

Lynda Smith is the CEO of 50 Plus-Skills and Refirement Network. Her business experience spans more than 40 years dealing mainly in human and social transformation. She has worked as an entrepreneur, director and pioneering leader in many successful South African companies.


So many of us, when researching retirement options, do so with trepidation, fearing that we are not quite ready for a retirement village yet, not old enough or not ready to give up our current lifestyle. To read more about the myths out there which contribute to this way of thinking, click here.



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