It’s more than just a house – it’s a home

It’s more than just a house – it’s a home

Not for all the tea in China would we have said two years ago, after completion of our beautiful home in The Somerset, that we would find another project – to add a guest bathroom to our existing home.

We approached Westacre and a quote was worked out. As we were expecting visitors at the beginning of July, we unfortunately had a time limit. Voila! – in three weeks we had an added guest bathroom that looks like it was there from the beginning.

The entire building team, led by the most professional Mario, worked to a schedule so meticulously and so neatly to have this project finished for us on time. There wasn’t a day that passed by that both Hendrik and I would stand in awe at the quality of work being done. It was such a pleasure having everyone work on site – it gave me inspiration to start a new house (JOKING!!!).  Hendrik and I have built a few homes together with really incredible builders but no one beats this team at Westacre – just another level totally.

Thank you so much for a fine job done, amazing contractors, always cleaning up at the end of the day. What a pleasure. A really huge shout out to Mario. Always so kind, thoughtful, understanding and willing to please the client.  An absolute gem to Westacre. We appreciate and value your dedication to our project.

We are happy for Westacre to bring clients to our home so we can showcase your expertise – not only with building a house, but building a home.

Once again to everyone at Westacre, many thanks. May The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village grow from strength to strength.

Sharon and Hendrik Te Roller

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