Active Ageing at The Somerset


Active Ageing at The Somerset

This month we had our first Health Education talk. The sessions will be aimed at maintaining health, independence and quality of life – and will cover a range of relevant topics.

Ryan Groenewald, a physiotherapist from “Physiotherapy at Home” addressed us on the subject of “Active Ageing” – how every function of our body changes as we get older. Things that used to work well now creak and rumble. Simple activities become challenges. Aches and pains beset us. But there are ways we can manage these changes – things we can do ourselves and things that professionals can help us with.

One of the things we can do ourselves is simple stretching exercises and Ryan concluded his talk with some fun, active participation (check the photo out – and note that stretches – some more flexible than others!)


Some of our residents practicing some moves demonstrated by Ryan Groenewald from ‘Physiotherapy at Home’

For professional help, Ryan can arrange home physiotherapy visits – and exercise routines tailored to your medical condition.

If anyone has requests or suggestions for topics in the future, please let me know – I will be very happy to arrange it!

Warm Regards – Sister Erika

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