Sister Erika Janutsch: “Everything has changed… but nothing has changed!”

Sister Erika Janutsch: “Everything Has Changed… But Nothing Has Changed!”

Sister Erika Janutsch: “Everything has changed… but nothing has changed!”

CPOA’s Sister Erika Janutsch who is the Head Sister at The Somerset Care Centre writes: “Everything has changed… but nothing has changed!

The last few weeks have been like none we have experienced before.

We are trying to keep up with latest international guidelines, recommendations and advice – all cautiously confident, but titled: “Interim Guidance”. No one has definitive answers.

Last week we learned that the CDC has added 6 new symptoms onto the list of defining symptoms of the COVID-19 infection.

Things are changing. We read the latest research, teach it to our staff and supply them with the information and the
knowledge to make wise choices and the equipment to keep them safe. We keep our residents safe. We try to keep one step ahead of the virus.

But, our core values stay the same: We are a home – we value and encourage family involvement and we love and care for our residents as individuals. We focus on supporting independence as far as possible and each member of our team plays a vital role; striving to provide excellent care with kindness and competence.”

To read more about Health Care at The Somerset, click here.

At The Somerset, our clinic is open daily and staffed by qualified nursing sisters who can attend to basic health care needs such as blood pressure/sugar level testing, minor procedures such as dressings, injections etc. After hours and over weekends, the sisters are on call for any emergencies. Ward aid and carer assistance are offered 24/7.


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