A journey of discovery

A journey of discovery

When you reach the senior phase in your life, the choice to make, on the where and how can be quite daunting – especially if it includes a potpourri of differing personalities, needs, state of health and need for care.

I set out to find out what the new lifestyle and retirement concept offers to the elderly but still very young at heart.  And so my journey with the Westacre sales team at The Somerset started.  From the moment where Margi  was standing on a connecting wall of the bare site ( I nicknamed it the ‘ugly duckling site’ as it was the only one left in Phase 2 of the development, for known and unknown reasons!) to convince me that I will indeed enjoy a sea and mountains view, to the day when the team welcomed us in our new house in 20 Mulberry Lane, I experienced their professional  and effective way of doing things.

The lovely bouquet of flowers sealed their friendly way of easing me through the planning and transactional phase and also introduced us to the quality of their workmanship in delivering the final product – yes, the ugly duckling site was transformed into a lovely swan.

The much needed and sound advice from the sales and planning team; by name Margi, Dion and Neil and Evelyn from the club house, made the difficult task of scaling down to a smaller house relatively stress free.  We are still busy adapting to this new somewhat slower lifestyle, but we feel exceptionally happy and privileged to be able to live in The Somerset Lifestyle and Retirement Village. We are looking forward to the journey ahead in an environment that offers an above-standard lifestyle we can enjoy.

Maritha Burger

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